Tool Belt / Jacket Combination

The RU Jacket combines the construction tool belt and a multi-functional work jacket. During cold weather construction workers are forced to wear their tool belts over their durable construction jackets, and as the day progresses the jacket can slide out from under the belt hence exposing skin and thinner layers of clothing to the elements.

The tool belt jacket combination eliminates exposed loose straps and is superior to suspenders as the weight of the tool belt is evenly spread across the entire shoulder area. The pouches are secured by an attached belt system that allows the wearer to use their existing pouches, with easy release while still wearing their jacket. This allows the wearer to use pouches that they are familiar with and the ability to release the pouches/weight while they are hauling materials or going to lunch.

The pouch mounting system is a wide heavy fabric strap that is fastened to the jacket at various points, leaving 3 areas to attach pouches or hammer holders.

The 4 models of jackets provide the wearer a water resistant and durable jacket. Two styles of standard jackets, in a standard brown (10 oz. duck fabric) and a Hi-Visibility Lime (poly-cotton-twill) provide full comfort and warmth with the tool belt attachments. Two additional styles, one in each color, are available with removable sleeves for days when you don't need full coverage. The sleeves may be unzipped leaving an insulated vest; if the weather continues to warm the insulated liner can be removed, leaving a lightweight vest that provides comfort and utilization of the tools to finish the job.

Sizing: Luke is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds with a 42 inch waist; he wears XXL with a sweatshirt underneath.