The RU LLC, was founded by the inventor of the patented jacket, Luke Rudick. As a construction professional himself, Luke understood the need for this product. Living in the north central United States poses issues for those working in construction, and the RU jackets are designed to help with those issues.

The RU is a combination of a construction tool belt and work jacket. It brings together the need of comfort for any construction crew during construction projects in a variety of cold weather conditions. The ability to have tools at the ready with a comfortable and streamlined piece of apparel can increase productivity and safety. The RU connects the winter jacket and tool belt to solve the problem of tool belts sliding down under jackets and shirts leaving wearers exposed to the elements and in constant discomfort.

This product will remove the need for straps and buckles to be placed over a winter jacket, greatly reducing the likelihood of getting tangled while climbing in tight areas. The RU allows weight to be distributed in a comfortable manner over the shoulders of the wearer. It also lessens the amount of loose straps or bulky suspender pads. The RU Inc. is producing a product that is functional and practical. This jacket that can be reduced to accommodate different climates in which the customer works in on a daily basis.